Families, Children & Youth

Whether Good Shepherd member or not, you’re welcome and invited to participate in any and all of our activities.

Check the GSLC calendar for upcoming events and schedule specifics.

  • Anti-Racism Activities

  • Assisting Ministers

    Youth who are confirmed or in high school

    Go to assisting minister details

  • Chamber Choir

    High school youth

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  • Children’s Message

  • Chili Cookoff, Brownie Bakeoff

    Join us for this fun evening whether you have a winning recipe and a competitive streak, enjoy live music, or just want some good food and fellowship.

    Typical schedule: Annually, usually in January, February or March

    Contact: Jodee Heidmann, youth ministry chair

  • Communion Presenters

  • Community Outreach Activities

    We take part in a wide variety of in-person and donation/in-kind events to accompany and assist those in need in our community, Alexandria and beyond. Go to details on serving locally.

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contact: Denise Gray, community outreach chair

  • Confirmation and Leaders

  • Conversations with Friends

  • Education Committee

    High school youth

    Do you have interest, experience or expertise in helping to plan learning opportunities for kids, youth or adults? Let us know.

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contacts: Christine Redon, education ministry chair

    Denise Steene, education ministry coordinator

  • FIRE/Youth Group

    FIRE - Faith Is Renewed Everyday - is our group for youth in 6th grade and older. Activities range from cleaning the shores of the Potomac to preparing a meal for Guest House, mini golfing to ropes courses, and lots of good stuff in between.

    Typical schedule: Monthly

    Contact: Jodee Heidmann, youth ministry chair

  • First Communion and Leaders

  • God’s Work, Our Hands

  • Mosaix

    High school youth

    We’re part of six churches in the ELCA Metro DC Synod actively working to be a more diverse church community – more like the vision of the heavenly kingdom described in Revelation 7:9 …and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.

    Typical schedule: Implementation team meets monthly

    Contact: Pastor Jen

  • New Connections

    As part of the ELCA Metro DC Synod’s New Connections campaign, we’ve committed to grow our congregation by 50 active participants over three years and raise $50,000 to make new connections in our community. We’ll connect deeper with one another and with God, and we’ll broaden our reach to others in our neighborhood and Alexandria.

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contact: Pastor Jen

  • Parents of Infants & Toddlers

    An opportunity for little ones to play together while their parents connect with others raising young children.

    Typical schedule: Monthly on a Saturday morning

    Contact: Pastor Jen

  • Property Activities

    Are you handy with a paint brush, scrub brush or rake? Like any house, the little church on the triangle always has handy-person or spring-cleaning projects.

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contact: Denise Elfes, property committee chair

  • Readers (sometimes called lectors)

  • Refugee Family Support

  • Sunday School and Teachers

  • Synod Assembly Representatives

    Confirmed youth

    Each year, GSLC voting members elect representatives to attend the ELCA Metro DC Synod Assembly and vote on the congregation’s behalf. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the wider work of the ELCA and GSLC’s role in those efforts.

    Typical schedule: 1-2 day-long meeting in June

    Contacts: Synod reps

    Pastor Jen

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)/Summer Camp

  • Welcome & Connect Activities

    The focus of our ministry is sharing God’s love with all by growing connections with each other and in our community. Our welcome and connect efforts invite questioners, believers and questioning believers to engage with us and build bonds/friendship/mutuality/ties between new folks, recent-comers, regular participants and long-time members and to be a blessing to the broader community.

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contact: Lori Strauss, evangelical outreach ministry chair

  • Welcome & Connect Committee

    High school youth

    Are you one of those people who seem to connect people? Or interested in planning authentic ways of introducing people to the grace of God in action today? Let us know!

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contact: Lori Strauss, evangelical outreach ministry chair

  • Worship & Music Committee

  • Youth Committee

    High school youth and AAA adults—authentic, affirming and available—to spend time with our young people and accompany them on their faith journey as we participate in a variety of activities. (All individuals working with youth must read and sign our Child Protection Policy.)

    Typical schedule: Varies

    Contact: Jodee Heidmann, youth ministry chair