• Vicar Amy Moorhus Baumgardner

    Welcome Vicar Amy

    We're delighted to welcome Vicar Amy Moorhus Baumgardner to Good Shepherd. She'll serve as a pastoral intern for two years, beginning Sunday, July 23.

    Vicar Amy has been studying theology and pastoral leadership at the United Lutheran Seminary for several years, and now is ready to put that learning into practice. She'll work alongside Pastor Kate for many ministry tasks like preaching, teaching classes, visiting, and the work of our teams and committees.


Prior to seminary, Amy had a successful career as a financial markets’ compliance and legal officer, and now is embracing a new pastoral career with her passions for worship, Biblical storytelling, and spiritual practices. She says, "The most satisfying aspect of my first career was the people I met and was able to help along the way, however there was always something missing—it was a job and not a vocation."

A longtime member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in DC, she is now looking forward to serving in ministry and learning new things here at Good Shepherd.

Amy grew up in New York City and lives in Bethesda with her spouse, Stuart, and their dog, Joey. Her older son, Caelan, is 25 and living in DC, and her younger son, George, is going into 10th grade. Amy also enjoys reading, walking, crafts (knitting and crochet), cooking and baking.


What should I call her?

You can call her simply Amy or Vicar Amy (since we have several Amys in our church already!)

What's a vicar?

A vicar is a churchy term that indicates that someone is in training to become a pastor. Pastoral intern and vicar mean the same thing.

What will Vicar Amy be doing?

Over the course of the next two years, Amy will help serve in many different areas of our ministry, including leading worship and preaching, teaching, stewardship/financial planning, administration, outreach, youth and family ministry, and much more.

What will she not be doing?

The only things she cannot do are preside alone at weddings, baptisms, or communion, as those are done by an ordained pastor. She also isn't "just" an intern, so she won't fetch coffee for Pastor Kate (or anyone else for that matter) or make copies for you ;-)

Who will support her?

We will have an internship committee, led by Mary Heiss Edwards, who will meet with Amy regularly and help support her learning process.

How can I help?

Please welcome her and get to know her! Wearing your nametag and introducing yourself again and again helps us all to learn names and get to know each other.

How else can I help?

We also appreciate your financial support to strengthen this program and all our ministries. Your gifts are so appreciated and make our vibrant ministry together here in Alexandria possible! Donate or increase your contributions online or learn more