Good Shepherd Leaders

Good Shepherd members elect individuals to serve on the congregation council and other groups that provide volunteer leadership, working with Pastor Jen and many other volunteers to be God’s hands in our community and world.

Committee members, both ad hoc and ongoing, and other helpers are welcomed to be part of our mission of service and learning. Let us know how you’d like to be involved or if you have questions by contacting those listed below, Pastor Jen or Krista in the church office.

Congregation Council


President  (1-year term; limit: 3 consecutive)

Linda Schuessler (first-term 2019)

Vice President (1-year term; limit: 3 consecutive)

James Anderson (first-term 2019)

Treasurer (1-year term; limit: none)

Scott Baker (serving 2019)

Financial Secretary (1-year term; limit: none)

Denise Gray (serving 2019)

Recording Secretary (1-year term; limit: none)

Sally Eastman (serving 2019)

Legal Trustee (2-year term; limit: none)

Sue Cottrol (serving 2018-2019)

Ministry Chairs

Communications  (2-year term; limit: none)

Corinne Berkseth Baker (serving 2019-2020)

Community Outreach (2-year term; limit: none)

Denise Gray (serving 2018-2019)

Education  (2-year term; limit: none)

Amy Hadley (serving 2018-2019)

Evangelical Outreach (2-year term; limit: none)

Lori Strauss (serving 2019-2020)

Stewardship  (2-year term; limit: none)

Beth Hickey (serving 2019-2020)

Worship & Music (2-year term; limit: none)

Denise Elfes (serving 2019-2020)

Youth  (2-year term; limit: none)

James Zellhart (serving 2018-2019)

Committee Chairs

Finance  (2-year term; limit: none)

Bruce Purdy (serving 2018-2019)

Property  (2-year term; limit: none)

Ed Sutherland (serving 2018-2019)

Staff Support (2-year term; limit: none)

Sherry Sterling (serving 2019)

Mission Endowment Fund Committee

Members (3-year term; limit: 2 consecutive)

ALIVE Representative

2019 Synod Assembly

Voting Members

  • Meredith Hurt
  • Bill MacBlane
  • Nicole Thompson