Current Bible Study

Reading Biblical Literature: From Genesis to Revelation

This video series explores the Bible from cover to cover and is taught by an ELCA seminary professor. The Bible's breadth will expand our minds and hearts. The session series runs through Nov. 18. Please join us and invite a friend, too!

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From the course description: 

The narratives in the Bible provide an outline for this course. The Old Testament begins with narratives that tell of migration and dislocation, slavery and deliverance. The plotlines trace the tensions that arise from anticipation and disappointment, conflict and reconciliation. There are episodes involving surprise and laughter, and others that explore the tragic consequences of arrogance and jealousy.

Bible Study

Ages: Adults (Youth Bible study happens in the context of Sunday School and Confirmation classes.)

Typical schedule: 6-week sessions several times each year:

Tuesdays, 8 - 9 PM

Wednesdays, 11 AM - Noon

We hold Bible studies throughout the year, typically in small group format with five to eight people, usually alternating study between an Old Testament and New Testament book. Pastor Jen leads the classes, which are informal in nature with time for checking in with each other, reading and discussion. Often there is a brief video to accompany the study.

Recent studies have included:

  • Troubling the Waters (pdf)
  • Acts
  • Ezra through Nehemiah (spoiler alert: the story of a people returning home after exile)
  • Luke
  • Revelation
  • Romans

All are welcome to join in at any time and it's okay if you can’t attend every class, need to leave early or arrive late. Nonmembers are welcome!

Questions? Contact Pastor Wendy