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Wednesdays beginning April 27

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Excerpted and adapted from The Great Courses:

As the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, the Holy Land is one of the most important regions in the world. This area in and around modern-day Israel is a sacred land for three major faiths and the setting for defining events in religious history.

Most our knowledge of this rich history stretching back over 3,000 years comes from a wealth of written sources—the Old and New Testaments, non-canonical works like the Apocrypha, works by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus and others.

But the Holy Land is also filled with physical evidence that attests to these events—evidence that has only been revealed in the last 200 years. Archaeologists have shed intriguing new light on our understanding of the history of this area. In some cases, their findings have clarified what we already knew. In others, they've radically reshaped our views.

With content from The Great Courses by archaeologist and UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Jodi Magness, Pastor Kate leads a Bible study that adds new dimensions to our understanding of and takes us deep beneath the pages of the Bible.

About Bible Study

Ages: Adults (Youth Bible study happens in the context of Sunday School and Confirmation classes.)

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We hold Bible studies throughout the year, typically in small group format with five to eight people, usually alternating study between an Old Testament and New Testament book. Pastor Kate leads the classes, which are informal in nature with time for checking in with each other, reading and discussion. Often there is a brief video to accompany the study.

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