Worship Highlights

At this time of social distancing to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we’re worshiping online and getting creative with ways to stay connected and help others from a distance.

  • Check out our Serve page for ideas to help others struggling with COVID-related concerns and the ongoing, daily challenges folks face.
  • We hope the worship highlights below are spiritual food for your journey.

Sunday, Sept. 13

Rejoice & Reconnect Sunday

Welcome Pastor Wendy!

Sunday, Sept. 6

Pastor Daniel Rinehart joins us today

Ezekiel 33:7-11 | Psalm 119:33-40 | Romans 13:8-14 | Matthew 18:15-20

Sunday, Aug. 30

Pastor Daniel Rinehart joins us today

Jeremiah 15:15-21 | Psalm 26:1-8 | Romans 12:9-21 | Matthew 16:21-28

Sunday, June 14

Youth Sunday & recognition of Sunday school teachers

Exodus 19: 2-8a | Psalm 100 | Romans 5:1-8 | Matthew 9:35-10:8

Some Good News GSLC

This week’s video included Kamryn & Friends Bracelets for Unity & Justice. Nine-year-old Kamryn and her friends from the Minneapolis-area are making and selling bracelets and donating the proceeds ($40,000 and counting!) to local, black-owned businesses and the food bank. These kiddos teach us there’s always something we as individuals can do to help.

GoFundMe: Buy bracelets online

Washington Post: A 9-year-old and her friends raised $40,000 for black-owned businesses by selling homemade bracelets

Sunday, May 24

Ascension Sunday

Acts 1: 1-11 | Psalm 47 | Ephesians 1:15-23 | Luke 24: 44-53

God is here... where are you? Where is God now?

  • Virtually in a church filled with loving people
  • In the smile of a friend
  • My living room sofa in Kingstowne, VA
  • in my heart
  • Arlington, Virginia
  • On Clifford Ave
  • seeing a cardinal
  • In my home office in Alexandria
  • Charlotte, NC
  • In the microphones of virtual choir members
  • in my children downstairs.
  • on the Rappahannock
  • New Windsor, NY in my home
  • in Dexter, MI
  • Arlington County
  • 22305
  • Alexandria…in the dining room…
  • In our family room in Alexandria
  • We are in West Point New York in our living room sitting on our couch and floor
  • Kennewick WA in kitchen with my sister, Teresa
  • 22301 — on the sofa
  • Alexandria, in my guest room at my writing desk
  • Geneva, Nebraska
  • In the Fairfax County part of Alexandria in the kitchen at my table looking out at God's creation
  • Basye, VA, bedroom, on a folding chair in my temporary office!
  • Lynnfield, MA in the living room
  • Sevierville, TN, in my living room sitting on my recliner
  • Alexandria VA, living room on lounge
  • Charlottesville, VA, in the reading room
  • Alexandria in our guest room
  • Arlington County - in my makeshift home office
  • On a couch in the living room on Linden Street in Alexandria, Virginia, United States, North America, Earth, Milky Way
  • Nottingham, Maryland, at my kitchen table
  • I'm in my office, sitting at my desk in Alexandria
  • In my kitchen
  • Springfield, VA - living room and dining room

Sunday, April 26

The Road to Emmaus

Acts 2: 14a, 36-41 | 1 Peter 1:17-23

Psalm 116 | Luke 24:13-35

Places we see God’s love shared these days:

  • Meals left for my neighbor, a nurse working in DC
  • Support while I parent during difficult times
  • Right here
  • Kindnesses of strangers when we go out for groceries
  • In food people are sharing with others
  • Phone calls to check-in with those who may not have others to talk to
  • Shared in the smiles people give to essential workers
  • Visiting my clients in jail
  • Unconditional love from my dog/cat
  • In the masks people wear when out
  • Through all the work my professors are doing to make sure we get the same level of education.
  • Volunteer mask makers
  • People finding ways to stay connected despite obstacles
  • Seeing neighbors you haven't before
  • Connecting with more family
  • Outpourings of support for Carpenters Shelter
  • Sisters
  • Our neighbor brought us donuts this morning!
  • Package from Gamma
  • At the ALIVE! child development center where donations allowed us to give all families activity kits for the children who were staying at home.
  • I received 5 handwritten bday cards by mail
  • Teacher parades to greet their students

Sunday, April 19

Traditional worship (8:30 AM) | Contemporary worship

Acts 2: 24-28 | Psalm 16: 5-11

1 Peter 1: 3-9 | John 20: 19-29

Pastor Jen’s sermon, Simply Peace

Notes by Corinne Berkseth Baker

The last time Jesus gathered with his disciples before his crucifixion and resurrection, in what’s known as the farewell sermon, Jesus says, “Peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you.”


Remember two months ago when we were so physically busy? Working, commuting, getting kids to school and activities, seemingly a bit late for most things.


It’s different now. Now, we’re emotionally tired. Perhaps we’re worried about our health or loved ones. Anxious about when self-quarantine will end or what comes next. Feeling like we haven’t gotten enough done at this time or helped enough.


In the midst of all this, Jesus says, “Peace.”


Joy J. Moore, a professor at Luther Seminary, says about today's text (John 20: 19-29) that we’re looking for the divine in the disaster.


A New York Times restaurant critic experiencing this, wrote about finding this video on YouTube, Relax with Sheep.


Consider the sheep. All they’re doing is standing and eating. And it's enough.


If you too are feeling emotionally tired, worried or scared or like you’re not doing enough in this time, remember Jesus gives you peace. You are enough. And it's enough. Amen.

March 22

Globally, we’re all facing and fighting COVID-19. Many Christian faiths across the world also share a common lectionary. A group of faith leaders created this video of people across the world reading one of today’s scriptures, Psalm 23.

Worship bulletins: Traditional (8:30 and 11 AM) | Contemporary (9:45 AM)