Child Protection Policy

To protect our children and youth and the adults who work with them, we implemented a child protection policy. Key elements of the policy include:

  • Two deep leadership - all activities involving children and youth require at least two adults present for leadership and supervision
  • Open door policy in all classrooms
  • Respect for privacy
  • Immediate reporting of inappropriate behavior

Good Shepherd Child Protection Policy (pdf)

Table of Content

  • Introduction: Letter from Pastor Jen
  • Purpose and Code of Conduct
  • Definitions
  • Supervision Guidelines
  • Application, Screening and Training Procedures
  • Reporting and Responding
  • Appendices:
    • Important Phone Numbers and Contact Information
    • What to Expect When Calling Child Protective Services
    • Signs of Child Sexual Abuse
    • Child Protection Policy Acceptance Statement
    • Application to Work with Children
    • Background Check Authorization Form
    • Reference Check Form
    • Reporting and Responding Documentation Form
    • Adult Expectations and Information Letter
    • Website Photo Opt-Out Form