Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church!

I’m delighted you visited our website today. If you were looking for specific info, I hope you found it. And along the way, I hope you saw some of God’s grace in what you learned about the Good Shepherd community. Our mission here online and in person is to provide opportunities to encounter God and experience the Holy Spirit at work in our world.

As the pastor of Good Shepherd, it’s my pleasure to invite you to join us in worship, fellowship, learning and service. We believe ministry is strengthened by diversity and Sunday worship is just one way that we gather to live our mission to bring grace to a broken world.

We’re committed to worship and spiritual growth for ourselves and our children with a vibrant education ministry that includes Sunday School, bible study, confirmation, and discussion of current issues and events through a faith lens.

We’re also committed to building connections with each other through small group meetings like book clubs, our 20s/30s brunch gatherings, parents’ and women’s groups, and more. We host opportunities to support local Alexandrians and people around the world in need of food, housing and other care. We welcome and listen those who have been hurt or ignored by the Christian church in the past and pledge to build a community free of such harsh judgement.

We hope you’ll worship with us in person and welcome you to join us in other activities during the week where we build deeper connections with each other and our neighbors. We also invite you to connect with us online through our email newsletter (subscribe by emailing Krista in our church office), Facebook, a YouTube channel and Instagram.


Pastor Jen

Pastor Jeanette Leisk || @jeanetteleisk || Blog: Sacred Space

Pastor Jeanette Leisk began her ministry at Good Shepherd on January 20, 2014. A Massachusetts native, she practiced primary care medicine in Westborough, MA prior to going to seminary. Pastor Jeanette graduated from seminary in 2007 and served St. James Lutheran Church in Gettysburg, PA before her call to Alexandria.

She loves coffee, children, dogs, reading, music, and sharing the gospel in the community through service and conversation.