Pastor’s Welcome

Dear Friends,

One of my colleagues has a framed copy of his baptismal certificate hanging on the wall in his office. He has it in a prominent place—right where you might normally put a diploma, or for a pastor, a Letter of Call.

I thought that was brilliant. It’s a great reminder that no matter what we may achieve, or what we may be called to do in this life, our first and most important call is to serve God through the waters of baptism. Before we could even dream of doing something more—of being a garbage truck technician or a fire engine driver as my three year old desires—or anything else we may aspire to in life, first, God calls us to simply be a child of the divine.

As we come to All Saints’ Sunday, we're encouraged by those who have gone before us, who have inspired us on our faith journeys. In baptism, death no longer holds any threat over us. Because we have died to sin, we are freed to live life boldly for others.

We join with all the saints in living freely to serve in ordinary and remarkable ways.

In Christ,

Pastor Kate